Dunnage Bags

Securing Your Cargo with Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags provide an efficient load securing solution for cargo to avoid being damaged during transit. Mega Fortris offers a wide range of Dunnage Bags to cover many different load applications for goods being transported on road, in containers for overseas shipments, railway wagons or vessels.

Dunnage bags secure and stabilize the goods by filling the voids between the cargo and can absorb huge motional forces. Dunnage bags are easy to use and will save you time and money during loading of goods. Dunnage Bags are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems.

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    Paper Dunnage Bag Sizes:

  • Paper 1 ply Eco 60x120cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 60x180cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 90x120cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 90x150cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 90x180cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 90x210cms
  • Paper 1 ply Eco 90x225cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 60x120cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 60x180cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x120cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x150cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x180cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x210cms
  • Paper 2 ply Medium 90x225cms
  • Other Sizes are available on request.

    Dunnage Bag Inflators:

  • Dunnage Bag Inflator
  • Dunnage Bag Inflator

    Woven Dunnage Bag Sizes & Packing Information

  • PP 90 Woven Medium 60x120cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 60x180cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 90x120cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 90x150cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 90x180cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 90x210cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 90x225cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 120x180cms
  • PP 90 Woven Medium 120 x 225cms
  • Other sizes are available on request.

    Dunnage Bag Inflators:

  • Dunnage Bag Inflator